The Universal Zulu Nation
Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun

  • international Hip Hop awarness organization
    founded in the Bronx in the 1970s by Afrika Bambaataa
  • provides an alternative to the violent gang culture at that time
  • the name refers to the film "Zulu" from 1964 which helped
    Bambaataa to recall a consciousness for the
    sense of support and community which the society was lacking

The Zulu Kings were 5 B-boys which Bambaataa took under his wing and soon many other writers, MCs, B-boys and B-girls and DJs followed.

Source: The Kool School
Source: The Kool School


Four pillars - MCing, DJing, Breaking and Writing


The Zulu Nation was a melting pot for different gang members who desired to straighten out their lifes.
Rapping, tagging and writing, DJing as well as dancing provided alternative ways to release anger
and pain which many experienced in times of violence and urban decay.


They organized block parties as well as breaking and freestyle rap battles in order to unite the community.

The members of the Zulu Nation include:


DJ Kool Herc, Fab Five Freddy, Kurtis Blow, Ice-T, Ice Cube
Jam Master Jay, Phife Dawg, Q-Tip and Joeystarr

Due to accusations of sexual abuse against Afrika Bambaataa the Zulu Nation
has voiced there sincerest apologies to the possible victims and distanced itself from its founder.
In May 2016 they officially declared that Afrika Bambaataa
is no longer affiliated with the Zulu Nation.